Who we are

Beas Capital is managed by Rahul Mehta. He most recently ran George Kaiser Family Foundation in India. George Kaiser is Chairman of BOK Financial and one of the largest philanthropists in the world. In this period, a unique model of investing in Indian public markets using a long term approach was evolved. Beas Capital’s Investment Strategy is available for participation from both resident Indian and offshore investors.

The Fund will approach investment in listed equities with a private equity mindset and focus on the following when looking at potential investments:
  • Partnership with Paragon Private: The Fund`s unique partnership with Paragon Private will accelerating deal sourcing and diligence.
  • Long term outlook: The Fund will avoid short-term trading friction and maintain a long-term focus.
  • On-the-ground team: On the ground team to consistently understand micro and macro trends
  • Value addition through discussion, not agreements: Strong knowledge and relationships enable one to understand company better.
  • Focus on management integrity and corporate governance: All companies must fit through the Fund's ‘Corporate Governance’ filter, upholding the highest governance standards.
  • High return on invested capital: Focus on company’s ability to deliver top tier returns to serve the Fund’s investors better.
  • Industries that can scale: Bottom-up knowledge of industries and equal importance as companies’ scalability to deliver top tier returns